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Why Is My Tooth Brown Near My Gums?

by | Feb 3, 2023

Are you noticing discoloration along the gum line of one or more of your teeth? Brown spots on gums near a tooth can be an indication that something is amiss with the health of your mouth. It’s important to stay informed about what could be causing those brown spots – and, most importantly, what you should do if they appear or increase in size or intensity. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why it can happen and how to treat it so you can keep worrying at bay (and enjoy a healthy smile).

What causes brown teeth stains?


Unsightly discoloration on your teeth can be caused by smoking, or even simply drinking and eating certain items. Nicotine in tobacco is notorious for creating brown and yellow stains with both smoking and chewing.

Food and Drinks

Did you know that coffee, tea and other dark-colored beverages can potentially lead to discoloration of teeth? Even certain types of food like berries can cause staining if consumed too frequently.


As you age, your teeth can naturally become darker and more yellow due to a thinning of the enamel. This is why dentists often recommend regular professional cleanings, as they can help remove the deposits that cause discoloration over time.

Tooth Decay

The hard outer layer of your teeth, known as tooth enamel, is essential in protecting our teeth from decay. Unfortunately, when plaque isn’t regularly brushed off the surface of our teeth after consuming foods containing sugar – bacteria produce acid which breaks down the protective enamel leading to a host of dental issues such as brown stains and cavities. Tooth decay can range from slight to severe if left untreated; its prevalence being one of the most common causes for brown spots on teeth according to trusted sources.


Trauma to your mouth may cause irreparable harm to the nerve inside a tooth, leading to discoloration such as brown spots or even full-on darkening of the affected teeth.

What should I do if my tooth is brown near my gums?

If you are experiencing any type of discoloration or staining near your gums, the best thing to do is visit a dentist for professional help. Your dentist will be able to determine the cause of the discoloration and recommend an appropriate treatment plan.

Fortunately, there are many treatment options available for brown tooth stains. Depending on the cause, your dentist may recommend one of the following:

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a popular and effective treatment for discoloration caused by dark beverages or nicotine use. Teeth whitening at the dentist is far more effective than at home teeth whitening kits.


If discoloration is caused by trauma or tooth decay, your dentist may suggest placing a dental crown over the affected tooth to cover up any unsightly discolorations. You can also opt for bonding, which involves applying a tooth-colored composite material to the affected area.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is another option for discoloration caused by plaque buildup. This involves scraping off the stains, tartar and plaque that have built up on your teeth and gums in order to restore a healthier appearance.


Achieving a brighter, whiter smile is simple when you make brushing and flossing twice daily part of your dental routine. Always brush directly after consuming drinks or foods that can potentially stain the teeth. Nevertheless, if stains persist even after a rigorous oral care regimen at home, then it’s best to consult with your dentist or dental hygienist for an in-depth professional cleaning which will help remove unsightly discoloration from the surfaces of your precious pearly whites.

The solution for brown teeth in Raleigh

If you have noticed lingering brown spots on your teeth that won’t go away after brushing or flossing, it’s time to contact Triangle Dentistry. Our experienced team will carefully examine the situation and ask all the important questions in order to ascertain potential causes. Don’t let your dental health suffer – get help from our reliable professionals today.

Browning between teeth may appear to be a superficial issue, but it is possible that there are more pressing dental issues involved. Don’t put off the help you need – contact our office today for an appointment and let us assist with your oral health.

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