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A Confident Smile Has Incredible Benefits

by | Sep 16, 2021

A smile is an incredibly important way we communicate with each other. Smiles tell others that we’re happy, that we’re engaged in what they’re saying, that we’re excited to see them. Unfortunately, millions of people don’t like the way they smile and will use tactics to avoid letting other people see their teeth. They might cover their mouth with their hands or just generally smile less. Whatever the tactic, the result can hamper one’s relationships and overall wellness.

Confident Smiles Win on First Impressions

A smile is frequently the very first thing someone notices about you, and it will often form the basis of their first impression of you. A broad and open smile is inviting and inspires confidence and good feelings. Thus, giving someone like a potential employer a confident and winning smile to make a positive first impression can help you improve your career opportunities. Likewise, giving friends and potential partners an enthusiastic smile to cement a positive first impression can go a long way into cementing great relationships.

Live Longer with Your Confident Smile

Improving your social standings is just the start of the benefits of a confident smile. Did you know that smiling can also improve your lifespan and your emotional well-being? That’s because every time you smile, your brain releases endorphins into your body. These endorphins leave you with a feel-good sensation that boosts your mood and self-esteem.

These mood-boosting powers help both in the short-term and the long-term, as shown by recent research into baseball cards. This study found that those baseball players from the 1950s that boasted the biggest or broadest smiles on their cards lived an average of 7.2 years longer than those players who didn’t smile on their cards.

Confident Smiles Reflect a Confident You

We’ve talked about the benefits of smiling, but what happens when you don’t smile? Generally, those who don’t smile give off the exact opposite impression of a person who smiles. Instead of appearing inviting and open, a non-smiler often comes across as hard to approach and shy.

If you want to smile but don’t do so because you don’t feel confident in your smile, know that you can take steps to change that.

Steps to Take for a Confident Smile

  • Brush, Floss, and Rinse Twice a Day. One of the biggest reasons people cite for not smiling is because they don’t like the look of their smile. If you struggle with smiling because of tooth discoloration, then it is time to consider your daily oral care habits. Brushing, flossing, and general rinsing your teeth (with water is fine but best with mouthwash) is key to eliminating bacteria and plaque. You should be following these habits every day, twice a day, to remove those contaminants that get trapped between their teeth because once they get trapped, they frequently cause yellow stains that discolor what could be an otherwise bright, confident smile.
  • Practice Smiling at Others (and Yourself). Every day, make an effort to smile at as many people as you can, known or unknown. Remember the adage, fake it until you make it. The more you try to smile and be confident, the more you will become that person as others see you and will look forward to engaging with you in conversations. We all want to be around happy, confident people. Let your smile be that bridge to connect with others. If you’re uncertain about your smile, try practicing in the mirror until smiling the way you want to smile becomes natural.
  • Making Smiling Your New Habit. As with all habits, it will take time, but the more you smile, the quicker smiling will become second nature—both in style and in function. In return, your confident smile will assist in making you more of an outgoing person than before. It will also allow your smile to show off more teeth because you use the muscles in your face more often to smile.

Need Outside Help? Contact Our Team at Triangle Dentistry

For some people, the reason for not smiling goes beyond what brushing and flossing can fix. If you have discoloration that isn’t going away, chipped or crooked teeth, or some other issue, our team at Triangle Dentistry can help. We specialize in an array of cosmetic dental treatments that will help you achieve that confident smile you’re dreaming of.

Our Raleigh, NC dental team is proud to offer exceptional care in this and other types of dental work. Please take a moment to read through our testimonials to learn more about who we are, and when you’re ready, contact us today to schedule your dental appointment. Be sure to ask about our exciting in-office new patient plans for the best affordable rates.



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