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Cavities in Children – Signs and Symptoms

by | Sep 6, 2021

Sometimes, it can feel like children are made out of rubber, able to bounce about without any type of issue and taking many a tumble with incredible grace. However, there is one area where childhood invincibility does not seem to work, and that area is in their mouth.

Cavities, also known as tooth decay, are common among children and the most common dental-related issue. When caught early, cavities can be readily knocked out but left untreated for too long, and your child might require more extensive (and expensive) treatment.

Why Children Get Cavities

Some kids never get cavities, while others seem to get them every year. The reason for this is twofold and has to do with certain habits.

  • Love for Things Sweet & Carb-Based. The single best way to avoid cavities is to avoid the foods and drinks that commonly cause them. Unfortunately, those things tend to be the things kids are most drawn to. The bacteria that causes cavities feeds and thrives off of sugar, and because so much of food marketed towards kids is sugar and carb-heavy (think desserts and fast-food restaurants), they are more apt to get cavities.
  • Improper Brushing Techniques. Brushing one’s teeth is the best way to remove the sugar that sticks to one’s teeth. So even if a child consumes a lot of sugar, ensuring they are properly brushing their teeth will help prevent cavities from forming.

Signs and Symptoms Parents Can Watch For

Another good thing to keep in mind is that tooth decay won’t happen overnight. There are some easy signs and symptoms parents can watch out for to prevent extensive dental work and before the bacteria reaches the inner pulp to cause intense pain. Such early indicators include:

  • White spots on teeth
  • Dark spots on teeth
  • Pits or holes in teeth
  • Avoidance of eating
  • Teeth sensitivity when drinking hot or cold
  • Swelling around the mouth

Treatments for Cavities in Children

If you notice any of the above symptoms, especially if you notice more than one, you should contact your dentist for an appointment. Your child’s dentist is the person best able to gauge the severity of the cavities and recommend the best treatment for cavities in your child and his or her situation.

Common treatment options for tooth decay the dentist might recommend include:

  • Varnish or sealants in situations where tooth decay is not extensive. These are preventative treatments that are applied after a cavity is removed and work as a type of extra barrier against future problems.
  • Fillings if part of the inner tooth has been destroyed by decay.
  • Extraction of the tooth if the decay has gone so far as to compromise the tooth’s entire structure.

The Best Treatment is Prevention: Visit the Dentist 2x a Year

Always remember that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Help your child avoid the trauma of needing a tooth removed by instilling in them healthy habits like brushing their teeth, avoiding excessively sugary and carb-heavy foods and drinks, and regularly visiting their dentist.

A dentist who sees their child patient twice a year is best able to track the progress of habits and make recommendations where necessary to avoid cavities from forming. Consider making that first appointment with your child’s dentist whenever their first teeth start appearing. This type of early consultation helps to ensure they are growing in right and strong for a beautiful and healthy smile.

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